Maxi Briefs micro-modal

SKU: 1217


Maxi Briefs made  from the lightest and airiest micro-modal,  no side seams construction  with soft elastic strip across waistline and legs,  light and  comfortable,  elegant and feminine, a gentle touch on your skin for your daily well being.



Oscalito’s Micromodal is an artificial microfibre derived from wood cellulose. It has a count value inferior to 1 decitex (this expresses the weight in grams for 10 km of fibre), for a product that is soft and enveloping and very similar to silk for sheen, resistance and elegance.


Since the birth of the company, the choice of Oscalito has been to use only precious natural fibers,  whether of ancient origins or high technological, refined by treatments that respect the environment and have the wealth of customers as main purpose. Women have to give themselves a second skin, the most comfortable and versatile possible, maintaining that seductive touch that makes them attractive and unique.