The “Lucia”

SKU: 3111


  • Pure Egyptian Makò ultra-soft mercerized cotton with Dentelle de Calais leavers lace.
  • Seamless ribbed maxi brief, Soft, silky fabric feels as good as it looks.
  • Fitted to enhance your feminine shape.


If you want the coverage of a maxi brief along with the comfort of cotton, Licia is just for you. She is crafted from the finest Egyptian Makò cotton and trimmed with Dentelle de Calais® leavers lace. The Makò cotton is certified Filoscozia®, which is the most luxurious cotton used in garments. In addition to being soft, comfortable and durable, it also is hypoallergenic. If it’s more leavers lace you would like, take a look at Licia’s sister Noelia.