Our Unique Fabrics

What differentiates Oscalito from other brands is our fabrics. We use only natural fibers, all processed in an environmentally responsible manner.  The fibers found in our fabrics are the same as those used in our very first garments more than 80 years ago,: all precious natural fibers or refined blends.  These fibers help create the quality, style and subtle elegance that makes an Oscalito garment instantly recognizable.

Why only natural fibers?

Human beings are susceptible to even the smallest change in climate; so therefore our clothing, or our “second skin,” must be as comfortable and versatile as possible.  Since our founding, Oscalito has always tried to produce fabrics that best ensure thermal insulation and humidity control.

Under normal conditions, our body sweats approximately 16 oz daily, nature’s way of regulating body temperature.  Oscalito encourages, rather than hinders perspiration, by controlling the narrow space between the skin and undergarment.This space (or micro climate’s) temperature and humidity is kept in perfect balance by using only natural fibers.  These react with the external environment just as they do in nature, by absorbing or releasing heat and water-vapor molecules.

Synthetic fibers are non-absorbent and moisture remains on the skin.  When it does begin to evaporate, it gives the body an unpleasant chill. Hence, there is no other choice but natural fabrics.


Pure Egyptian Mako Cotton (Filoscozia)
The Makò cotton is certified Filoscozia®, which is the most luxurious cotton used in garments. In addition to being soft, comfortable and durable, it also is hypoallergenic.

This superb cotton is renowned for a sheen and softness that regale the wearer with a true sense of well-being. The fibers are cultivated exclusively around the Egyptian Nile area which provide the perfect climate to grow Egyptian Makò cotton. The fibers are picked by hand and skilfully processed in a gentle, traditional method. The result can be experienced in the unmatched soft touch, the incomparably silky texture and the exquisite luxury of the fabric.

Wool and Silk

70% Merino wool, 30% silk

The result of blending Australian Merino extrafine wool and our top quality pure silk is a fine knit fabric, offering an incredible soft feel and acting as a natural temperature regulator for your comfort and femininity. The blend enhances the sheen of the fabric as well.

Pure Merino wool
Australian Super 100’S Merino Wool, extra-fine with an 18.5 micron fibre diameter, making it exceptionally fine and soft.  Ideal for delicate and sensitive skins.

Pure silk
The precious natural yarn, the basis of the Oscalito silk organzine, is produced from the Bombyx mori silkworm that secretes a continuous filament which is 2,000 metres long.  Oscalito silk is spun, reeled (a process that involves coupling multiple filaments), twisted then folded together several times and dyed in the silk factories at Como in Italy, creating garments of exceptional purity and durability.

Cashmere / silk
An exceptional blend of precious fibers for maximum comfort and elegance.


Oscalito’s super fine and intensely soft MicroModal retains its best qualities over time while always gently caressing your skin.

The origin of our micromodal fabric is cellulose extracted from sustainably grown and harvested European beech trees. When mixed with six percent elastane, our fiber has the softness of silk and the breathability of cotton. Compared to Modal, MicroModal uses a finer fiber that’s lighter in weight and even softer to the touch, which creates the luxurious knit fabric that we use exclusively in our garments.