Enthusiasm and authenticity since 1936

In Turin in the early 1930s, Osvaldo and Lino Casalini began producing cotton and wool fabrics and in 1936, they launched  their brand.  The name is simple, derived from their own names and the name of their beloved city. Osvaldo Casalini Lino Torino……. OsCaLiTo……Oscalito.

Working exclusively with natural and high-quality fibers, they presented knitwear lines for men, women and children. Their knitting machines survived WWII and in a building alongside the River Po, the Casalini brothers started production again in 1946.

Arrigo and Andrea, Lino’s adolescent sons, modeled for Oscalito’s advertising campaigns.  Initially, though, only Andrea was drawn to working with fabrics.  After graduating as a textile expert in 1967, he attended the Leicester College of Textile Art and Technology.  Upon returning to Turin, Andrea began to experiment with designs on wild and pattern textile machines and broadened the brand’s offerings .  His new innovations found favor in the U.S. market, and increased production capacity was needed to keep up with market demands.

In 1975 Arrigo rejoined the company and the following years were marked by consistent growth.  As the export market became increasingly important to the business, women’s fashion items began to play a central role.

In 2014, Dario Casalini, the third generation in the company’s lineage, and a former Professor of Law, gradually took over the reins of the company.  His family ties provided continuity, yet he has also continued to refresh the brand while expanding its reach further in the international market.


Beauty is a thing of detail!

Oscalito style is derived from colors and forms found in nature, memorable global travels, a lingering moment in front of a painting, architecture, theatre, couture fashion shows or sometimes simply an elegant passer-by seated next to us on a bus or train. Although our sources of inspiration are many, and change with every passing season, Oscalito’s style is always evident in the quality of fabrics and skillful use of detail.  Sophisticated and seductive, refined and romantic, fascinating and unpredictable, Oscalito is unique, original and utterly recognizable.


We’ve turned 80 and have never lost the thread!

Each new innovation and each new seasonal collection is unique.  Yet each also remains true to the brand’s core values; producing the highest-class garments meant to be worn next to the skin, using fibers that are either natural or of natural origin, and relying on a supply chain that is 100 percent Italian.

Oscalito’s brand positioning is precise and intentional, with each and every decision on design and production ensuring that the style, quality and comfort of each of our garments ahdere to the same principals set by our founders more than 80 years ago.


Commitment to sustainable growth

Oscalito has always been committed to conservation, respecting both the larger ecosystem and our local community and environment.  That is why we still use only fibers that are natural or of natural origin and invest in the latest technology to reduce the environmental impact of our production process.  The producers and service providers that we work with also adhere to these same principals.

We guarantee the following:

  1. All producers of materials and accessories and all of our service providers (dye-stuffs, processing, finishing) have environmental and ethical certification.
  2. Our materials have the highest performance while having the lowest possible environmental impact.  We look at the entire life-cycle of each product and ensure its recyclability and/or reclamation and biodegradability
  3. We use only the best Italian and European producers to maintain our highest of standards.
  4. Because of the environmental impact of transportation, wherever possible, Oscalito prefers to rely on suppliers located as close as possible to our production facility.

We are proud that each garment that we produce stands for unconditional respect for the environment, our community, our co-workers and our consumers.